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BTS Label HYBE To hold US Auditions For Brand New Girl Group

Published By Admin On 18th Jul 2024 at 1:25 am

NEWS: BTS Label HYBE To hold US Auditions For Brand New Girl Group

Just IN; BTS’ label HYBE has announced new online auditions for an upcoming girl group, in collaboration with Universal Music Group’s Geffen Records, it’s gonna be great.

It was on March 8th 2022, the two record labels made a joint announcement regarding the upcoming auditions, set to be held in the United States. The in-person auditions will take place across five cities across March and April, including Houston, New York, Los Angeles and more. Meanwhile, online auditions are open from March 7 to April 30 PST on the official HYBE x Geffen audition website. Additionally, the announced on-site audition dates will be subject to COVID-19 protocols, which may vary in each region. Location details will be provided in via email after signing up for the auditions.

However, there’s age limit to this – anybody between the ages of 15 to 19 using she/her/them pronouns are eligible to audition. Participants may audition as singers, rappers, dancers or producers. Producers may only audition online. See the tweet below;

March 2022
19 – Santa Clara
26 – Houston
27 – Dallas

April 2022
02 – New York City
30 – Los Angeles

In November 2021, at the “2021 HYBE Corporate Briefing with the Community”, the entertainment giant shared its plans to debut new groups in the United States and Japan. Through a “US local training system” in collaboration with Geffen Records, HYBE America had shared that it will reach heights that “transcend national, cultural, and artistic boundaries”. Some former contestants from 2020 survival reality series I-LAND – namely K, Nicholas, EJ and Taki – is also in the works. BTS Label HYBE To hold US Auditions For Brand New Girl Group (March 2022).

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